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“The Iannotti’s” Bio

Stephanie and Jon Iannotti started their Real Estate Investing Career in late 1999.  This came from a desire for Jon to get out of his J.O.B.  

Stephanie was a Certified Orthopaedic Technician and Personal Assistant for 24 years to a well known Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon, Dr. Joseph Imbriglia in Pittsburgh.

Jon worked in the AK Steel plant in Butler, PA for 24 years usually with unlimited overtime.  Then one day the overtime dried up.  Jon had extra time on his hands and felt that he wanted to do something else.  So, they purchased a Real Estate Investing Program off of an infomercial. That was the beginning and to get to where they are today, they have and continue to attend numerous Real Estate Investing meetings, seminars and boot camps and trained with many of the top Real Estate Investors in the Country, and finally found their mentor Ron LeGrand and they credit him with a large portion of their success!  

The Iannotti’s have successfully bought, sold and JV’d on over 1,700 single family, multi-family and commercial properties.  They have also trained and partnered with over 350 of their students in Real Estate thru their Real Estate Investing Mentorship Program.  The Iannotti’s have a vested interest in their students success and invest with their student partners anywhere in the U.S.

Today, people many times ask them….”Wow, your business must be hurting with the Real Estate, Credit and Mortgage issues that are going on?”  The Iannotti’s have one answer and it’s “NO…actually our business is booming because we do creative investing and financing.”  What is happening with the Real Estate, credit and Mortgage crisis impacts their business very little as they don’t use the banks to purchase their properties.  However, due to the Down turn in the Real Estate market, with many buyers not being able to purchase using conventional methods, they have come up with a new way to do more deals than you could ever imagine by using their new system called REACT. (Reverse Engineered Assignment of Contract Terms)  The Iannotti’s are also the creators of ACTS, (Assigning Contract Terms System)  which they gave that program to their Mentor Ron Legrand as a Thank You for all he had done to help them with their path to success they have helped hundreds of students realize their dreams of becoming Real Estate Investors.  The Iannotti’s also buy and sell REO “Bank Owned” properties in bulk.  By doing so, the Iannotti’s are helping many banks free up their credit, enabling the banks to be able to loan more to individuals.  Jon considers himself to be a Transaction Engineer as there is not a lead that comes on his desk that he can’t find a way to make it a deal.  We do all of the different aspects of Investing, Lease/options, subject to, options, rehabs, and non-performing notes, you name it they do it!

The Iannotti’s are always on an endless search for more Entrepreneurial knowledge and training.  They feel that networking is probably their single biggest reason for their success.  They belong to many organizations, including the Pittsburgh REIA,  Allegheny County Real Estate Association, the Southwest Florida Real Estate Association,  they just recently opened their own Florida Gulf Coast REIA in SW Florida with several of their partners.    They have also been International Mentors for Ron LeGrand’s Millionaire Mentorship Program for 5 years.

Stephanie and Jon currently own and operate 4 businesses in Pennsylvania and Florida and have been speakers at numerous Real Estate Investing events.  If you are interested in learning more about their groups or would like to have them speak for one of your organizations, please feel free to email them at butlerswebuyhouses@earthlink.net or contact their office at 724-283-5021 and ask for Marla.  The Iannotti’s feel that the next several years are absolutely the best time to get a Mentor, get your education and get into Real Estate Investing especially when you use the techniques they have engineered and can teach to you to allow you to literally do almost any deal that comes across your desk.  Real Estate Investing has worked well for them as they have been self-employed since 2003 and loving every minute of their entrepreneurial lives.  

Need support? 
Call (415) 555-5555 or email: email@email.com
Need support? 
Call (415) 555-5555 or email: email@email.com