What Our Students Have To Say...

"We would highly recommend the mentorship of Jon and Stephanie Iannotti.  We found, it doesn't really matter where you are on the real estate journey, the Iannottis can meet you there and walk you through everything you need to do, step-by-step.  It has been very evident to us that the Iannottis truly care about the success of their students, offering guidance and action steps, as well as accountability to encourage follow-through.  The knowledge that is imparted each week during a half hour phone call is astounding, and on multiple occasions, after a call ended, my wife and I looked at each other and agreed that the information on that single call made the cost of the entire mentorship worthwhile.  Outside of the weekly calls, Jon and Stephanie are quite responsive via email, if any questions should arise midweek.  Because they are actively doing real estate deals and not just talking about it, we have found their advice to be very relevant and helpful.  With both of us working full-time, time is tight, but with the Iannottis' motivating support and encouragement, we were able to get 6 houses under contract and made $5000 when our first deal closed.  Even though the Iannottis have years of success behind them, they remain humble, approachable, and down-to-earth, making them not just good teachers, but also good people.  We have enjoyed learning from them and spending time with them, and we can honestly say they have changed our lives."

Josh and Stephanie Caldwell
Pittsburgh, PA 

Jim Zaspel said...."Of all the teachers and coaches I've met, I don't think I've met anyone that I'd rather have as my mentors than you guys!"

Jim also said:

Thank you to the Iannotti Millionaire Mentoring Program!

Dear Jon, Steph, Brian, and Craig,

I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for "forcing" me to get involved in your mentoring program! In just my first month of mentoring, I purchased (or controlled under Lease-Option) 7 single-family houses, and one duplex. I also sold or got deposits to sell FOUR houses! These were kinda small deals, but the total front-end profit was $15,500, total equity is $92,000, and the monthly cash-flow from these deals (once I get 2 of them occupied) is $2,600/mo POSITIVE: cash-flow. 

You all were crucial in helping with some of the "small" details that made me extra money on each deal and kept me from losing money! Like Steph said, "Jim can't afford NOT to be in our mentoring program!"

Yours truly,

Jim Zaspel (Lansdale, PA)

"Jon Iannotti has been a great help in re-establishing my goals and developing a better marketing plan.  He has always answered my calls during the appointed time and is a very giving and sharing person.  During the meeting in Orlando earlier this month, Jon and Stephanie had their group meet and share ideas over dinner one night.  The networking and sharing of ideas was appreciated by all that attended. "  
Dan Trembulak from Seminole , Florida.

"As Mentors, Jon and Stephanie Iannotti are one of the best! They teach in a way that takes you to investing on a  higher level! Their workshops are so helpful.  They interact with you while making you use YOUR thoughts and ask questions while teaching you.  It's a VERY exciting concept while making investing FUN!  In this age of real estate, you must be on top of things, Jon and Stephanie are ALWAYS learning themselves, going to seminars with the millionaire investors of the world, learning the latest and greatest way of investing, while then teaching it to their students.  Not only do they teach,  they are always accessible for questions or brainstorming.

Within our first year of investing, we closed on 3 properties, thanks to Jon
and Stephanie's guidance and programs.   We never thought investing in real
estate could be this easy!

Through their programs, we've learned that not only can you HELP the sellers SELL their home, but you HELP the buyers BUY their dream home!  This gives you personal satisfaction in knowing you are helping people.

As students and fellow investors, we feel fortunate for having this opportunity to be in their investing group - FIN. (Financial Independence Network)
Not only are we business investors, we have become friends.

Perry and Linda Brandenburg

I joined the mentoring group because I know that these people are successful investors right here in Pittsburgh and would be able to share how to get things done here and how to do them correctly within the PA laws.  They are resources to tap at any time with any question.  Knowing this has given me the confidence to get out there and start investing after a long time of "studying" and "learning" about it!  They are truly committed to their students' success.

Bev Riley

The Mentorship Program is outstanding!  I have gone to countless seminars over the past 2 years and was interested in getting into real estate investing.  I have gained a lot of knowledge in doing so, but never was able to take the leap on doing my first deal.  I realized I needed help in getting started.  I decided to join the group and they made it easy with financing the membership, which was the only way I could afford to start my new business.

In the past months, I have learned so much through the group.  There are my systems and opportunities offered to students and I feel this was the best move I made in becoming a real estate investor.

Glen Gesler

Jon and Steph have really helped us get our real estate business going.  They have given us systems to follow and access to a whole network that makes it easier for us to tackle all aspects of real estate investing; we would NEVER have had the knowledge to do this on our own. 

Jon and Steph are personalized mentors, always a phone call or email away.  We have direct unlimited access to them; not like other mentorship programs that we considered. 

And it just doesn't stop with Jon and Steph, they have provided us with a whole "power team" of other investors, Realtors, marketing experts, etc that have assisted us. 

We have gained more than just knowledge and business partners, we consider Jon and Steph our friends.  They truly care about success. 

Their positive attitudes are one of a kind.

Sally and Chris Carroll, Naples Florida

We would like to take this chance to thank you both for all your help.  A year ago we were confused and had more questions than answers about getting and or finishing a deal.  Not only did you answer those questions, but helped us stick with the play, stay focus, and most importantly to get our first REALLY BIG CHECK.  You made the process easier, faster and definitely more profitable.  I hope more people take advantage of this program because it is like having a knowledgeable partner working side by side with them.  Thanks again for all your help.  See you on the beaches of the world!

Carlos Rodriguez
Edward Adames

I wanted to take a minute and tell you how happy Robert and I are to have you both visit us and take a closer look at our business. It was very helpful to have you both see our area and what challenges we have been facing over the last few months. To have you verify the potential in some houses versus others was advantageous. Each state and suburb is different and to have you understand are market is very valuable to us. Since your visit, Robert is a machine at making offers on houses--site unseen.. which at this point we feel comfortable with.  We have several houses under contract soon to be rehabbed and sold.

You both are so generous with your time and knowledge, for that we are both so grateful to you. You both are amazing with your experience and willingness to "dig in" and truly find out what to tweak in someone's business to get it to flourish. Your business is amazing and Robert and I anticipate that in the future we will be able to parallel what you both have built.

Thank you again for your time and willingness to get our business off the ground!

Best Regards,

Robert and Elizabeth Lisk

I was interested in real estate investing since 2008 and had a rental property but I couldn't really classify myself as a real estate investor until I had the proper knowledge and tools which didn't happen until I got a mentor.  I started out with real estate investing by reading Rich Dad Poor Dad which snowballed into buying and reading just about every other book Robert Kiyosaki wrote.  That lead me to take some very expensive courses and from it all I had a pretty good understanding of real estate investing.  Eventually I got some websites from a seminar that were basically cookie cutter and I was actually getting calls.  So I would get the information needed but then I found myself not knowing what to do with this information.  So I was really not helping anyone and I was wasting my time and their time.  There's a difference between thinking you understand something and then actually doing it.  So if I wanted to succeed in this business I had no choice but to get mentoring.  Luckily I had came into contact with Jon and Steph early on when I was attempting to become an investor and they only lived 15 minutes from me so I met with them about mentoring.  I put it off for a while because I was in a good bit of debt from my other investing courses but mentoring was the only way for me to continue.  I've come a long way in a much faster time period through mentoring.  It's been a great experience and has taken me places I never thought I would be!  I've met Ron Legrand and actually had lunch with him and Jon and Steph and got him to sign a copy of The New Masters of Real Estate and have also met other co-authors of the book such as Jim Zaspel, Lisa and Rick Donner, Tom Burtness and Brian Snyder who is one of my personal mentors.  I also had the pleasure of going on a cruise with other investors that was made possible because of my relationship with Jon & Steph.  

I have two mentors, Linda Brandenburg and Brian Snyder, and I have the utmost respect for them personally and as investors.  It's great to feel part of a team of people who are successful and it really puts your business on the fast track.  So if you are on the usarementoring.com website right now then you have the desire to want to succeed.  Don't put it off any longer!  Your future depends on your success so do yourself a favor and start your mentoring now!

Rich Allen,

I started investing in real estate in 2004. I bought a duplex to live in one side and rent the other. From there I began buying other investment properties. Shortly after getting started I realized I needed help in learning. I was lucky enough to meet Jon and Stephanie Iannotti and I joined their mentorship program and learned a TON from them. Having them really shortened my learning curve and made it possible to be where I am today. After doing a few wholesale deals and buying 1 or 2 rental properties I took the plunge and began rehabbing houses. My first large rehab project was in 2006. For the last 10 years I have done many deals including large scale rehabs, wholesale deals, short sales, creative terms, subject-to and even part of a million dollar commercial property purchase. 

Brian Snyder, Pittsburgh PA

“I have known Jon and Stephanie Iannotti for about 3 years now. When they started the Florida Gulf Coast REIA in Ft. Meyers they invited me to join. I am so glad I did..It was at that event that they announced they were bringing ReACTS.. to Market. . I loved there ACTS program, and as Jon always says the Real Estate market is always changing...Thus ReACTS was born. With in the first few month's of the purchase of ReACTS... I had my first closing using ReACTS and at closing I received a check for $9,849.99 I was delighted. I would encourage every Real Estate Investor to "invest in ReACT."...You will be glad you did. Barry W., Fl.

​This letter is to thank Steph and Jon Iannotti for their help and support. I feel as if I am a fairly experienced real estate investor having completed over 200 transactions in my career. Jon recently helped me put together an owner financing technique that I had never thought of. 
The result was, I acquired a little 2 bedroom home for $8k through a short sale and was able to turn it into over $400 a month positive cash flow that is set to continue for the next 6 years. The coolest part about the deal is, I was able to offer a great opportunity to the buyer, that they could not find elsewhere. They were elated to not have to qualify at the bank to buy the property and to get a 0% interest loan on top of that. Total profit in the deal will be over $20k.
Thank you Jon for not only showing me a technique that is filling my pockets, but more importantly, showing me how to help out a young couple to buy their first home. My buyers are appreciative as well. 
Passive Cash Flow, Is the way to go!
Jeff Dube
Assertive Acquistions
Jacksonville, FL

Testimonial From The Happiest Girl in Tennessee 
House #1 Subject To Deal
It took me 77 days to make $15,160.50.
On February 27, I met with a lovely couple in Dandridge, TN. I bought their house Subject To with a two year term for the balance of what they owed, $122,000. I hosted an Open House on March 31, expecting five couples to look through the house. Then my Mentor, Jon Iannotti and I went through "What to expect from Buyers" on our Weekly Mentoring Call that morning, so I felt at ease going to my appointment. I was ready for everyone to throw their money at me! Unfortunately, only one couple showed up that day. They had driven from Chicago the day before and fell in love with the house. Through our discussions at the Open House, I realized they were going to buy this house. I had the house advertised for $145,000 with a Lease Purchase. This couple had seen the Seller's advertisement for $135,000 so I agreed to honor that price. They gave me a $3,000 check to hold their place in line. The next day their attorney called to let me know they had accepted an offer on their house in Chicago and planned to cash me out by mid-May. Ecstatic does not describe the way I felt! 
In total, I received rent for April and May, $2,000. Then on May 15, I got a check for $13,160.50.
I have told that story about a hundred times in less than a month. I've also told people that the Lord probably won't ever bless me like that again. But I keep praying for another blessing!
So, what did I do with $15,000? I decided to flip a house in my hometown! New kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, new bathroom vanities, new light fixtures and fresh paint throughout. That one hit the Knoxville MLS on June 6. I'll keep you up to date on the progress. 
House #2 ACTS DEAL
I met with one of my Sorority sisters March 17 to discuss buying her house. It is a charming 3/ 1.5 in an older neighborhood close to downtown Knoxville. I agreed to pay her top dollar, $120,000. In the beginning of May, with no luck so far, I called her and she agreed to drop the price to $112,000. By the end of May, I still didn't have anyone seriously looking at her house. So, I called her to let her know I had given up. She told me that she appreciated my efforts and she would probably List It with a Realtor on Monday. Not 30 minutes after that conversation, a man called me desperately wanting to see the house! So, I agreed to let him see it. Then another 30 minutes passed and my phone rang with two other people who said they loved the house! I called my Seller, asked for one more weekend and she agreed. 
On Monday June 2, I had a $2,000 Earnest Money check from a Buyer with another $5,000 promised to be paid before they moved in. Originally, they told me it would take 8-12 months to be ready for the mortgage. When the credit reports came back, it will probably take them 24 months. Since I extended their contract term, they agreed to put $9,000 Total down on the house and they offered to pay more per month!
 I had agreed to give the Seller $2,000 of the original $7,000 Deposit. She signed a Notice of Option so I would be guaranteed that $2,000 at Closing in two years. However, when the Buyer's agreed to put the extra $2,000 down, I decided to put it in my pocket. In all, I received $7,000 by keeping my mouth shut! My Seller is thrilled because she's getting $200 more per month and debt relief! I destroyed the Notice of Option because I'm not waiting on any more money from this deal. Happy! Happy! Happy!
Side Note: My "Bonus" on this house was a nice, new patio set that I didn't pay for! The Sellers didn't want to move it so guess who took it home?! ME!!!
House #3 Waiting on a nut
A house with five bedrooms and five bathrooms is completely out of my league. But I bought it anyways! On May 3, the Sellers signed a contract to let me have this monstrous house which basically breaks down into two houses on the same foundation for $280,000. I hosted an Open House on Memorial Day because I had three families interested in a tour while they were gathered for the holiday. I priced the house for $300,000.
By Wednesday, one of the couples had given me half of their $10,000 deposit. The Sellers are happy because I split the initial down payment with them. They are in the process of moving out now. They should be out by June 21. To show their appreciation for my hard work, they gave me a mustard seed necklace. My favorite Bible verse is Matthew 17:20 which basically states that if you have just a tiny bit of Faith, NOTHING shall be impossible. Those words have helped carry me through these past five months!
The buyer's will give my attorney the balance of $5,000 plus the first month's rent ($1,500) by June 25 to take possession of the house. I'm waiting on my nut of $15,000 when the Buyer's obtain their own mortgage in 24 months. 
Why will they give my attorney the balance and the first month's rent instead of handing it over to me? Because I decided that I could afford two weeks of work/ vacation to attend Real Education classes then I'm heading to Gulf Shores, AL for a little R&R. Hopefully, my rehabbed house will get a contract while I'm gone! 
The happiest girl in east Tennessee! Thanks Jon!!
Whitney Nicely